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Bike Fitting


Foundation Fit (2.5hrs)

Triathlon / TT Fit (3hrs)

Comprehensive Fit (4hrs)

Most people will find most of their issues are resolved and they’ll enjoy cycling a lot more by getting their body position correctly optimised on the bike.
The foundation fit covers the core principles - extension, flexion, and balance. We aim to reduce postural stress whilst maximizing the ability to efficiently generate force through the pedals.
For those with specific or complex fit issues - you may benefit from booking into the comprehensive fitting session.
Our Tri/ TT fitting is built on the principles of our foundation fit.
A good position must be sustainable, allowing you to breathe and reduce postural stresses to maximize your force production.
The difference is that you can reduce your aerodynamic drag and increase your speed on a bike with aero bars. 
Our comprehensive fit allows us to optimise your cycling experience to another level.
Building on our foundation fitting principles we focus on how your feet and lower body interact with your equipment. For most people, this requires the application of well-fitting insoles.
For some, this may also involve a referral to an exercise professional and a follow-up appointment with our fitter to check up on progress. 

Ideal for:

  • Club riders ✓

  • Sportive / Gran Fondos ✓

  • Charity Rides ✓

  • Cycle touring ✓

  • Cyclocross / Gravel ✓



  • Body positioning 

  • Crank length

  • Seat height and fore-aft

  • Bar height and length

  • Saddle choice

  • Cleat positioning

Excludes :

    • Set up of aero/ triathlon bars

    • Optimization using insoles, wedges and shims.

Ideal for:

  • Triathletes ✓

  • Time Trial ✓

  • Clip-on aero bars ✓

  • Ultra-Distance ✓



  • Body positioning for aero extensions

  • Crank length

  • Seat height and fore-aft

  • Bar height and length

  • Arm pad positioning

  • Saddle choice

  • Frontal area optimization

  • Helmet and equipment suggestions

Ideal for :

  • Addressing specific issues ✓

  • In-depth optimization ✓

  • High-mileage athletes ✓



All of the Foundation Fit principles +

  • Foot / Pedal optimisation

  • Insoles 

  • Asymmetry assessments

  • Saddle comfort

  • Leg length difference correction

  • Wedges and shims


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