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Ridley Kanzo Speed GRX600 Medium

Ridley Kanzo Speed GRX600 - the ultimate do it all carbon bike, road, gravel, commute & mudguard friendly
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The Kanzo Speed is uniquely designed to be effectively used as a road racer or gravel bike.

Its comfortable geometry makes it ideal for long road rides, as well as for smoothing out jarring off-road terrain. Further increasing its comfort is its 36mm tire clearance and extra room for fenders.

With the Kanzo Speed all-road bike, you have the freedom to swiftly transition between on and off-road. See a trail that looks cool? Go ahead and check it out, knowing that the bike smoothly adapts to whatever terrain you choose.

This bike is also ideal for extended adventures! Simply mount bike bags, head out and explore - at your own pace. Once you take it for a spin, you will never leave home without it! It truly is that much fun to ride!

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