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Ridley Kanzo Fast GRX800 Med 56cm

Ridley Kanzo Fast - the ultimate gravel bike, thatis as quick asmost aero road bikes.
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The first step in creating the Kanzo Fast was to pair the aero features and sublime power transfer of the Noah Fast Disc with our Kanzo gravel knowledge. Next our Ridley engineers spent hours in the wind tunnel and on gravel roads for further development and testing. What we created in the end was the perfect, aerodynamic gravel bike to win gravel races! Its geometry and aero handlebars are designed entirely according to the gravel standard.

No gravel bike is as responsive as the Kanzo Fast. It combines NACA profiles with a very stiff bottom bracket to propel you forward with every pedal stroke.

To ensure for optimal comfort, we set the seat stays extra low and used the vibration-damping D-shaped seatpost. Aerodynamic, yet comfortable!


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