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KASK VALEGRO WG11 Gypsum TdF Limited Edition Medium RRP £225.00

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The history of KASK is intimately linked with success at the Tour de France and for the 2022 edition of the French race, KASK has created a 3,328-piece limited edition Valegro Tour de France, which will be the official helmet for La Grande Boucle 2022.

The new Valegro Tour de France offers a unique graphic with a special meaning: seven parallel yellow lines follow one another across a white helmet, forming a road representing the seven historic Tour victories achieved by riders wearing KASK.

Anyone buying Valegro Tour de France will own a truly unique piece: just 3,328 have been produced, one for every kilometre of the 2022 race. With the progressive number printed on the back of each helmet, every cyclist will have their very own personal kilometre of this year’s race.

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