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Triple Co Roast Columbia BOURBON ROSADO 250g Ground Coffee

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WHO: Jose Gomez

REGION: Narino

COUNTRY: Colombia

VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon


PROCESS: Natural

TASTE NOTES: Kiwi - Grape - Boozy 



Here's another microlot from our main man, Jose Gomez. Growing up in a coffee producing family, he's developed great palate and keen eye for quality coffee production. Experimenting with varietals like geisha and this pink bourbon. He grows coffee on six and a half hectares of his farm alongside oranges, lemons and avocados. During the harvest, he, his family and a team of trained harvesters hand pick the ripe red cherry and process the harvest in their own micro wet mill. 

Several years ago, Jose built a custom solar dryer on the farm near the wet mill. Three tiers of raised drying beds are arranged under the plastic roof, which allows light to enter and the farm’s crosswinds to control the temperature by passing through the open ends of the dryer. Jose oriented the dryer precisely to use the crosswinds for this temperature control purpose.

After the beans have reached the ideal moisture levels, their ready to be transferred to the bodega storage area for a period of rest prior to export. This is known as reposo, when all those juicy flavours perceived in the cup stabilise - It's always such a treat to share a coffee with you from Jose. His commitment to quality & experimentation really shine through with this lot. Enjoy!

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