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Triple Co Roast Columbia EL PARAISO GEISHA 250g Ground Coffee

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WHO: Jose Gomez

REGION: Narino

COUNTRY: Colombia



PROCESS: Natural

TASTE NOTES: Raspberry - Mango - Honeysuckle



It's Geisha time!! The summer months have arrived, and what better coffee to be drinking in the sunshine than a juicy, sweet & sophisticated cup of natural Geisha? Many of you have probably heard us coffee people murmuring 'Geisha' to each other in hushed and adoring tones. Well, that's because they're REALLY tasty beans. Notoriously demanding to cultivate and producing comparatively lower yields than most other coffee trees, it's no wonder they fetch such high prices at auction.

But, this isn't just any old Geisha, this one comes from our very own Jose Gomez. The man behind our BS1 espresso and our direct trade partner for 5 years and counting. And whilst our BS1 is a cooperative lot, with coffee coming from several farms and Jose processing the cherry. This coffee was grown, harvested and processed on his own personal farm, El Paraiso. Jose is always looking to experiment and improve production, so he was eager plant some Geisha trees on his property: And we think this coffee is a celebration of the pinnacle of quality that can come out of our direct trade partnerships.

In the cup, we're getting some fascinatingly layered flavours with a raspberry like acidity, mango sweetness and an almost tea like texture, followed by a honeysuckle floral finish. This definitely ain't just your regular cup of Joe, this is something special, so get yourself a bag if you wanna start the day right.

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