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Triple Co Roast Guatemala GASCON 250g Ground Coffee

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WHO: Felipe Contreras

REGION: Antigua

COUNTRY: Guatemala


ALTITUDE: 1500-1700M

PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural

TASTE NOTES: Cherry Compote - Vanilla - Almond



We've got ourselves a funky anaerobic boy for you this month! Produced by the Contreras family, Gildardo's passion for coffee started as a young boy where in his back garden his parents had 50 bourbon coffee trees, they would pick and process them together. Fast forward to 2012, he realised a lifelong dream and bought his now 50 acre coffee farm. Felipe, Gildardo's son, now manages the farm focusing on quality and collaborates with neighbouring producers to refine harvesting & processing techniques.

Gascon farm is situated in the coffee growing region of Antigua, spread across a valley surrounded by three volcanoes, Agua (Water), Acatenango, Fuego (Fire). The coffee grown is enriched by volcanic soil and tends to hold moisture well. Brought over to the UK by our import partners Coffee Bird, a family owned, women-led sourcing company focussed exclusively on Guatemalan specialty.

We're stoked to be sharing this coffee with you! In the cup, we're getting notes of cherry, almond & vanilla. Definite Bakewell tart vibes.

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