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Lapierre E-SENSIUM 5.2 - 51cm - Medium - BLK

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Leaving your front door and setting off on a ride without worrying about the rest has never been easier than with the eSensium 5.2. Our electrically-assisted bike has been designed to offer maximum comfort with its Suprême 5 aluminium frame. Don’t hold back and discover the enjoyment of cycling with our model with discreet and easy-to-use engine positioned in the rear hub. Its silent operation and the lack of friction when the assistance cuts out will give you total freedom in your outings. 

The eSensium is fitted with Ebike Motion X35 electrical assistance situated in the hub on the rear wheel. The ultra-compact engine is no bigger than a 34-tooth sprocket. The 250 Wh battery is fully integrated in the eSensium frame to make it look like a traditional bike, with weight limited to 3.5kg.

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