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2024 Felt AR Disc Advanced 105 Di2 56cm Large

2024 Felt AR Disc 105 Di2 Large
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Felts aeroefficient frame platform paired with Shimano's new 105 Di2 for a more affordable race machine.

The AR is the bike for you if going fast is your thing. Whether you are in the hunt for PRs, segment leaderboards, or Olympic gold, the AR is built to get you to your finish line. Not just faster but better in every way, the AR is designed with performance its core purpose. We know that going fast isn't only about cheating the wind—though the AR doesn't disappoint on that front. It's also about keeping yourself fresher and more composed than the competition so check out the AR for the complete go-fast package.

This is why we rebuilt the latest AR from scratch, starting with a blank slate. We took the performance data from the prior AR, knowing just how fast it was and that it remains a reference point for racers and much of the cycling industry. But, on top of this, we elevated the importance of ride quality and handling to ensure that the total package is simply the fastest and best aero road bike we've ever designed. The AR is a whopping 9% faster than the previous AR rim brake bike depending on the conditions!

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