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Campagnolo Light Water Bottle - White

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Extremely lightweight, extremely squeezable to improve ease of drinking while keeping weight to an amazing minimum.

With the race victories often measured in centimeters and milliseconds its seems fitting to search for even the tiniest performance gains through increased efficiencies.

The featherweight version of Campagnolo’s iconic water bottles is just such a solution as it tips the scales at a scant 54 grams…making it the world’s lightest solution to keep you hydrated in the saddle.

The 550ml bottle holds the same amount of liquid as previous models but does so in a lighter and more flexible structure, not only lightening the load of the cyclist but making the drinking operation that much more effective at the same time.

Emblazoned with Campagnolo logos this finely made bottle is coherent with the Italian company’s mission…to improve the cycling experience via expertly designed componentry.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely squeezable
  • BPA free
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