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Abus GameChanger 2.0 Small Black

Abus Gamechanger 2.0 - all new
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The ABUS GameChanger 2.0 is the ultimate Made in Italy aero helmet for professional cyclists, triathletes, and ambitious athletes in the battle for watts and seconds. Optimised for maximum aerodynamics, ventilation, comfort, and safety, providing maximum performance in every racing situation while you're riding at your mental and physical best. The AirBoost air inlet at the front combined with the Aero Blade Structure provides optimal ventilation and reduced drag. 


To meet the most modern aero requirements in the high-speed range, the GameChanger 2.0 has a wider Kamm-Tail creating an aero profile 11% longer than its predecessor. In the range of today's racing speeds between 46 and 52km/h, the new GameChanger 2.0 provides the rider with a decisive aero advantage.

The lower Kamm-Tail of the GameChanger 2.0 has been pulled in by 8 degrees, this changed angle optimises the performance in the lower handlebar race-position with the head tucked down. The horizontal struts of the ACTI CAGE direct the airflow in to the helmet at higher speeds, guaranteeing consistently good ventilation. Due to their shark fin shape, they act like a closed surface in racing position and thus guide the remaining air flow, not used for ventilation, aerodynamically favorable over the head.

As the rider's speed increases and changes to a sprint position, the Aero Blade acts like a closed surface. The air resistance is reduced and the air in the upper part of the helmet circulates evenly. An aerodynamic advantage is created that reduces air resistance in an efficient and intelligent way.


  • AIRBOOST AIR INLET With the new AirBoost eyebrow vent air inlet at the front, the surface area of the front vents is increased by 32 percent. This allows more air into the helmet without diluting the iconic design and provides perfect eyewear storage ports compatible with regular curved sports eyewear temples.
  • AERO BLADE STRUCTURE At lower speed, the Aero Blade allows air to flow in and helps accelerate the wind flow inside the helmet. This creates a cooling effect that regulates head temperature on long rides and steep climbs.
  • AIRFLOW STAR DESIGN allows for a 20% higher rear air outlet. The wider rear diffuser has enlarged air outlets and optimises airflow over the riders head, through the revised air channels inside the helmet.
  • FORCED AIR COOLING TECHNOLOGY Good ventilation is not just about getting more air into the helmet. An internal guidance system forces the air through the helmet - with the aim of finding the easiest and quickest way out. 


  • FLOW STRAPS PRO 12mm wide in the rear strap area, combined with a wider V-shape, always places the helmet in the optimal head position. The central ZOOM PRO retention system works precisely like a Swiss clockwork, thanks to the new slider system, guides both the straps and the adjustment system into the individually optimal position at all times.


  • PADDING AND STRAP SYSTEM The front belt anchor has moved further up, the rear anchors have disappeared, and the middle anchor is integrated into the restraint system - creating a whole new fit sensation. For even greater comfort, you can easily adjust the helmet using our patented and highly precise Zoom Ace Pro adjustment system. ActiCage and In-Mold increase the stability of the aero helmet.
    Redesigned internal ventilation ducts guide the air through the helmet in the most direct way, ensuring a constant exchange of air. An almost perfect temperature is maintained through simultaneous pressure and suction of the air flowing in and out. The effect of this technology, also known as Forced Air Cooling Technology, is based on the Venturi nozzles known from aviation. It helps the riders to concentrate and perform better, even at top speed.
  • Weight: S, M, L / 260g, 265g, 275g
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